Ten Items That Don’t Belong in a Moving Truck

Ten Items That Don't Belong in a Moving Truck

A Doylestown moving company can pack up just about anything that you have. However, some things should never go in a moving truck. The following is a list of things that should never be put in a moving truck.

  • Paint
  • Matches
  • Butane Lighters
  • Charcoal
  • Ammunition
  • Lighter fluid
  • Fireworks
  • Pesticides or any type of poison
  • Fertilizer
  • Cleaning supplies that contain ammonia or bleach

Why You Shouldn’t Put Hazardous Items in a Moving Truck

If you pack those items in a moving truck, then there is a chance that the truck will catch on fire. Local movers in Montgomery County, PA do have insurance. However, if you are found to be responsible for the fire, then the insurance companies will not pay for it. This means that you could have to spend thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Hazardous Items Are Against the Law

Not only is it dangerous for you to pack hazardous items, but some things are actually against the law to pack. The United States Department of Transportation has stated that it is illegal for you to pack dangerous items without letting the movers know.

You could potentially have to spend $250,000 in fines if you violate this. You could also spend up to five years in jail.

Why Moving Companies Will Not Transport Certain Items

Some laws forbid moving companies from transporting certain items. You want to work with moving companies that will follow the law. They want to be as professional as possible.

Avoid Packing Your Valuables

Some items are dangerous for you to pack, but it still isn’t a good idea for you to pack them. This includes things such as priceless collectibles, jewelry, precious metals, and heirlooms that cannot be replaced. Moving companies will take special care to ensure that everything is taken care of properly. However, accidents can still happen. If you are worried about anything getting lost or broken, then you shouldn’t pack it.


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